James Smith Academy (JSA) Coaches

The James Smith Academy (JSA) boasts a powerhouse team of highly qualified and experienced coaches, each dedicated to guiding clients towards achieving their health and fitness goals. This diverse group of professionals brings a unique set of skills and expertise to the table, collaborating closely with clients to craft personalized training programs tailored to individual needs, aspirations, and lifestyle factors.

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Meet the Stalwarts of JSA Coaching Team:

James Smith – Founder and Head Coach:

As the founder and head coach, James Smith is a seasoned personal trainer, nutrition coach, and author with a wealth of experience. With nearly a decade of coaching and over 5,000 hours spent working with real people in person, James provides valuable insights into overcoming challenges. His multifaceted fitness routine includes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, weight training, and competitive sports, reflecting a holistic approach to health.

Emma Storey-Gordon – Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach:

Emma specializes in building strength, improving body composition, and optimizing nutrition. With a background in exercise science and sports nutrition, she brings a compassionate approach to coaching, drawing from personal experiences to guide clients towards sustainable lifestyle changes.

Ben Carpenter – Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach:

Ben focuses on improving mobility, reducing pain, and achieving sustainable weight loss. His extensive experience spans clients of all ages and fitness levels, ensuring a well-rounded and inclusive coaching approach.

Stu – Experienced Coach Specializing in Mindset:

Stu addresses disordered eating, food-related relationship issues, and body image struggles. Beyond coaching, Stu’s passion for heavy weightlifting and his black belt in Karate reflect a commitment to holistic health.

Nicole – Life Hacks Coach with a Focus on Balance:

Nicole, the life hacks coach at JSA, emphasizes finding a balance between training, nutrition, and personal life. Her training in Olympic lifting and bodybuilding mirrors her commitment to a well-rounded fitness journey.

Jack – Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist:

Having personally experienced being overweight, Jack empathizes with the challenges faced by JSA members. His passion for strength training and participation in various sports positions him as a relatable guide on fitness journeys.

Rebecca – Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer:

Specializing in pre and postnatal training, Rebecca’s patience and empathy stem from her own experiences as a mother of three. Her dedication lies in helping JSA members regain confidence and fitness post-pregnancy.

Fi – Coach Specializing in Evidence-Based Nutrition and Mindset:

Fi brings expertise in evidence-based nutrition, mindset, and menopause. Her favorite form of exercise, weight training, aligns with her goal of helping JSA members find joy in their fitness journey.

Maja – Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach:

Maja, with over a decade of personal training experience, specializes in strength training and outdoor activities. Her certifications in pre and postnatal training position her as a guide for efficient programming and lifestyle changes.

Monique – Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor:

With a decade of experience in the fitness industry, Monique’s diverse love for all forms of exercise reflects her belief that movement is a source of joy. Her beach enthusiasm and mental health advocacy add depth to her coaching style.

Steve – Certified Functional Strength Coach:

Steve, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports and Exercise Science, focuses on body composition, hypertrophy, and strength. His background as an international discus thrower adds a unique perspective to his coaching.

Nicolette – Nutritionist and Personal Trainer:

Nicolette encourages JSA members to embrace food without deprivation, offering guidance on fueling the body for training, increasing energy, and reducing stress. Her love for staying active is mirrored in her diverse physical activities.

Hazel – Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach:

Hazel finds joy in assisting busy mothers in overcoming obstacles to achieve health and fitness targets. Her understanding of the challenges faced by working mothers stems from personal experience.

Rachel – Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach:

Rachel advocates for enjoying the journey of health and fitness while dispelling myths. Her expertise in supporting busy mothers aligns with her commitment to making health and fitness accessible to all.

The JSA Coaching Team’s Reputation:

Overall, the JSA coaching team is celebrated for their expertise, dedication, and commitment to helping clients achieve their goals. With personalized training plans, ongoing support, and a motivation-driven approach, they empower clients to stay engaged and motivated throughout their fitness journey. The sentiment surrounding the JSA coaching team is overwhelmingly positive, reflecting their impact on the lives of those they guide.