Does James Smith’s Macro Calculator Provide a Meal Plan or Just Macronutrient Requirements

James Smith’s macro calculator only provides macronutrient requirements. It does not provide a meal plan. The calculator will estimate your calorie needs and macronutrient ratio based on your individual information, such as your height, weight, age, sex, activity level, and fitness goals. However, it does not provide any specific meal plans or recipes.

If you are looking for a meal plan, there are many different resources available online and in print. You can also work with a registered dietitian or other qualified healthcare professional to create a personalized meal plan.

Here are some resources for finding meal plans:

  • Online: There are many different websites that offer meal plans. Some popular websites include:
    • MyFitnessPal: This website offers a variety of meal plans, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free plans.
    • Eat This Much: This website allows you to create custom meal plans based on your individual preferences and goals.
    • The Fitnessista: This website offers a variety of healthy and delicious meal plans.
  • In print: There are also many different books available that offer meal plans. Some popular books include:
    • The Leangains Method: This book by Martin Berkhan offers a meal plan for people who are following the Leangains diet.
    • The Bodybuilding Diet: This book by John Berardi offers a meal plan for people who are trying to build muscle.
    • The DASH Diet for Beginners: This book by Marla Heller offers a meal plan for people who are following the DASH diet.

No matter what option you pick, it’s essential to find a meal plan that matches what you personally need and want. If you’re unsure about where to begin, it’s smart to have a chat with a registered dietitian or another healthcare expert who knows their stuff.

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